5-Church Training

NOTE: See Archie’s Ministry Background at the bottom of this page

Archie Luper, through the Church-Based Training International ministry he founded in 1998, offers a wide variety of retreats and seminars for elders, deacons, ministers and ministry leaders, as well as for the entire congregation. Topics include Strategic Church Planning, Leadership Development, Congregational Health and Member Assimilation & Involvement

All CBTI retreats and seminars offered are built off of our “Ten Strategies for Healthy Churches”. These strategies were developed over a number of years while working with churches of all sizes and have not only been proven essential to restoring and maintaining congregational health, but each are firmly grounded in, and supported by, God’s Word.

See “What Others Are Saying…..” for comments shared by elders, deacons, ministers and ministry leaders who have attended CBTI retreats and seminars.

 “Strategies for Renewal” Strategic Planning Retreat

sedocsThere is much more to the “Strategies for Renewal” Strategic Planning Retreat than just planning. It is designed for church leaders who are seeking a renewed direction for their church family as well as a more focused ministry effort within their congregation. We’ll look closely at Scripture for insights into God’s desire for His church and develop a Biblical basis for planning. We’ll then give you a planning model that will effectively walk you through a strategic planning process that will help facilitate renewal in your congregation and focus in your ministry efforts.

The emphasis of the retreat is on prayer and renewal, and the re-commitment of each leader. This is an inspiring weekend that could be the real turning point for your leadership. You will also leave the retreat with a comprehensive, congregational planning document that will include 90-day, two-year, five-year and twenty-year goals and objectives for the ministries of your church.

The real crisis of the church today is rooted in the question of identity. Consider the following questions:

Would you describe your congregation as a church of God’s intent?
Is God satisfied with who you are and what you are striving to accomplish as a church?
If not, why not?
Is your church moving in the right direction?
Is your church moving at all?

Such questions demand careful study of the Scriptures and much prayer. They call for an honest evaluation of where you are as a church and thoughtful planning which allows the Spirit to lead you towards God’s desire for His church. The “Strategies for Renewal” Strategic Planning Retreat can help you and your church family in that process.

Sessions include:
Overview of Leadership Questionnaires
Strategic Planning in a Congregational Setting
A Renewed Vision of the Church
Creating a Plan for Planning
Congregational Audit
Focusing on the Needs
Defining Our Purpose
Crafting a Vision for the Future
Discovering Core Values for Ministry
Development of a Written Congregational Planning Document
Implementation, Accountability and Ongoing Follow-up

 Healthy Church Seminar

In this seminar you’ll learn the Ten Strategies for Healthy Churches and, in the process, apply the teaching to your local church. You’ll leave from the training with a game plan for bringing back the level of health needed for your church to experience renewed spiritual and numerical growth. An excellent training program for your entire church.


Topics discussed: 
Proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word
Renewing Your Vision of the Church
Focusing on the Power of Prayer
Desiring the Presence of God
Restoring and Modeling Biblical Leadership
Re-lighting the Fire for Evangelism
Equipping Every Member for Ministry
Developing an Effective Planning Process
Maintaining a Spirit of Unity in the Family
Engaging Your Heart in Worship 

 Biblical Leadership Seminar 


We believe the future of the Lord’s church rests in the hands of its leaders. In the Biblical Leadership Seminar we’ll search the Scriptures and learn about the qualities of leadership exhibited in the lives of men such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, David, Paul, Peter, Timothy and Jesus.

This seminar is based on CBTI’s seven core values: PRAYER, POWER, PREPARATION, PEOPLE, PURPOSE, PLANNING AND PRAISE. We’ll also talk about important subjects for leaders such as faith, servanthood, integrity, vision and shepherding, just to name a few. Many leaders have also said one of the highlights is the focused prayer time we have for each leader throughout the seminar.

Sessions Include:
What is Biblical Leadership?
Understanding the Times
New Paradigms of Leadership
Overview of Leadership Questionnaires
Where Prayer Makes a Difference
The Leader’s Prayer Life
Developing a Strategic Prayer Ministry
The God-Empowered Life
Ten Qualities of Effective Church Leaders
Discipleship Lifestyle Examination
Teamwork in the Lord’s Church
Personalities and Leadership Styles
Causes of Conflict
Why Is Defining Our Purpose Important?
What is Strategic Planning?
Two Prerequisites to Planning
Revive Us Again
Praying for Presence
A Call to Personal Renewal and Commitment



“Strategies for Renewal”
Gospel Meeting Series


The theme for the “Strategies for Renewal” Gospel Meeting Series is “Priorities for the Church in the New Millenium”

Topics include:
Sunday Bible School: “Renewed Vision”
Sunday A.M. Worship: “Rekindled Flame”
Sunday P.M. Worship: “Fervent Prayer”
Monday Evening: “Biblical Leadership”
Tuesday Evening: “Involved Membership”
Wednesday Evening: “Passionate Evangelism”


Archie’s Ministry Background:

Grandfather was an elder in the Oilton Church of Christ in OK, father was a well known missionary and businessman among churches of Christ and served as a member of the board of directors of several christian colleges associated with churches of Christ. Archie grew up traveling with his father around the world in support of missionaries associated with churches of Christ, grew up in the Ventura Church of Christ in Ventura, CA, baptized at 12 years of age, educated at Freed-Hardeman University and the Nashville School of Preaching, served as an associate minister at the Riverdale Church of Christ and Involvement Minister and Coordinator of the Congregational Planning Ministry at North Blvd Church of Christ, both in Murfreesboro, TN, preaching minister for the Eagleville Church of Christ in Eagleville, TN and the preaching minister for the Jackson Ridge Church of Christ in Rockvale, TN. Archie continues to be actively involved in church of Christ ministry and leads annual mission trips to support churches of Christ in Puerto Rico.